Sunday, January 26, 2014

Healing My Body Little by Little

I am not going to post any new pictures of my skin just yet but I couldn't wait to share.  When I was getting ready for church this morning I just about cried.  I continue to see more and more improvement in my skin.  The lesions are getting smaller and lighter.  Some of them are completely gone!  The following is my very personal story of my fight to control my auto-immune skin disease.

Now I feel I need to clarify something at this point. None of the products I am using make the claim to cure or heal any diseases or illnesses.  That being said I am giving personal testimony that I have had significant improvement in my auto-immune disease since beginning to use Isagenix. 

Up to this point I have been vague about my skin disease, except to say that it is a skin disease called Psoriasis.  For those who don't know much about Psoriasis let me tell you a little more.  Many people may know Psoriasis as just a skin disease which creates lesions on your skin.  There are several different types of lesions from small pimple like bumps to large patches of scaly skin.  It causes painful itching and in some people arthritis of the joints affected. Psoriasis is NOT a skin irritation that can simply be cured by a topical treatment. Psoriasis is actually an auto-immune disease which affects the body's largest organ "the skin".

I have had Psoriasis since I was 10 years old but never equated it to an auto-immune disease. Maybe because as a child those terms where beyond my comprehension and as an adult I just followed along with the treatment set as a child and never did my own research.  When I was first diagnosed my body was 90% covered by these nasty lesions.  No one knew what it was.  My skin would crack and bleed.  My parents spent hours each day with regiments of ointments, oil baths, sun lamps, and making me into a mummy with saran wrap. My parents finally traveled with me to Nashville to see a specialist who diagnosed me with Psoriasis.  He had developed a skin ointment that had made improvement in the lesions with other patients. This was no cure but did ease the pain, itching, and even put me into remission for a short time. However it was a time consuming task, spending hours putting ointment on each and every lesion on my skin.  I used this ointment for years until one day it was no longer affective.  I have since tried several different types of drugs.  During a recent flare up I decided to start investigating alternative treatment and that is when the term "auto immune disease" really started to click with  me.  This is something that needs to be treated from the inside out, not just treatment of my external skin.

Auto-immune disease in simple terms -  Basically your body thinks something is wrong with a part of your body but there is really nothing wrong, in my case it is the skin.  So your body sends "help" to that part of the body.  Your body is trying to "repair" or "fix" something when there is nothing wrong.  In Psoriasis the body thinks there is something wrong with the skin so it sends a message to make more skin cells.  In a healthy body when you get a scrape or injury to the skin your body heals itself and produces more skin cells to replace the ones that were damaged. In Psoriasis since there is not anything actually wrong with the skin cells already there, it just piles up skin cells making lesions.  That is basically Psoriasis 101.  Auto-immune diseases are not curable but can be managed and at times go into remission for a period of time.

After taking in the term auto-immune disease I started to do research on more natural ways to manage my disease.  I read all about vitamins and eating natural foods.  The most recommended was eating a Gluten-free diet.  This seemed like a daunting task but I started a gluten-free diet. I also switched to using all natural products on my skin.  I was a week into the diet but really wasn't feeling any better.  I was a little frustrated and getting desperate for some relief.  I had been seeing a few friends talk about Isagenix on social media so I inquired.  Within 2 DAYS of beginning Isagenix products some other medical issues I had been dealing with completely RESOLVED!!  Two weeks after starting Isagenix I began to see improvement in my skin.   Now almost 3 weeks using the products and I am beginning to see signs of the lesions disappearing. I think of Isagenix this way.  Isagenix helps get nasty toxins out of our bodies and good nutrition back in our bodies, which then allows our bodies to do what God created them to do.

I could go on and on but I won't.  If you have additional questions about Psoriasis, auto-immune disease, or Isagenix please feel free to email me @ Thanks for letting me share with you!

This is a comparison picture I made last week.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post! I have a client that really needs to read this! Praying that God continues the healing process!