Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Health Journey - What you won't see if in a before/after picture!

I found this picture on my iphone.  Before I started this health journey I had one of the girls take a quick picture of me. 

SERIOUSLY, did I really look that tired? 

This picture was taken on an ordinary evening around 8:00p.m. right after getting the kids to bed.  I had spent years taking care of everyone except myself and it was finally getting to me.  You see six months ago I was passing out on the couch as soon as I got the kids to bed.  I was exhausted. 
Here is what you can’t see in this picture.  Not only was I exhausted but I felt like crap.  My autoimmune disease was in a flare up.  I had intestinal issues and reflux I had been silently dealing with for years.  I was suffering with frequent headaches and severe allergies.  I was not sleeping well.  All of these were affecting my temperament.  I was much grumpier and had very little patients with the kids. 
*   *   *  FAST FORWARD  *  *  *
This picture was taken three months later, also around 8:00 p.m.  Every time I see a before/after picture I am always skeptical and think the pictures are staged or altered.  I can assure you these are not.  They were both taken with my cell phone. I purposefully did not smile in the second picture because I was not smiling in the first picture. They are a true representation of how I was feeling at that time.

Here is what you may not be able to tell in this picture.  Well, first I have tons of energy and I am sleeping much better.   Let's look back at my before list . . .
Reflux - GONE
Autoimmune Disease - 75% IMPROVED
Headaches - GONE
Allergies - GONE except some itchy eyes
Intestinal Issues - GONE
Added bonuses. . . my skin is softer and clearer than it's ever been.  I am an overall happier person.  Amazing how your mood improves when you don't feel like crap all the time. 
Shoot me an email if you want more information about what I did to turn my health and energy around. I would love to share more with you!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Car Dancing

I have had several people say they would love to see what it's like every day in our house.  Well, here is an example of a typical car ride with us.  I did not even notice until I went back to watch the video that Gabriel was asleep in the back seat during all this noise.




Thursday, June 5, 2014

Growing Pains & Hidden Disabilities

For the last year I've been having this internal struggling between keeping my children's lives as normal as possible and at the same time keeping them safe.  I am particularly struggling as my children move into their pre-teen years and their hidden disabilities become more evident. 

I have a daughter who for those looking from the outside see a typically developing 11 year old.  However, if you get to know her a little more you will discover that her social and play skills are that of a 6-7 year old.  Her cognitive skills are at the same level but her decision making skills are even further behind.

Last year it was easy to hold her back a year in the children's program at church.  Our church also has a great program for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Here is where I struggle.  Do I place her in the group for individuals with disabilities or send her to the middle school group with peers her age?

We have always taught our children to treat their siblings and others with respect and dignity.  Our children are taught to help those that need help.  They are taught that God created all people and each one has gifts and talents to share. (sometimes I need to listen to my own lesson)

Here is what I LOVE about my children.  They really do care about each other and want to see each other succeed.  My 12 year old daughter knows that my 11 year old really wants to do what everyone else is doing.  She overheard a conversation between my husband and I and she volunteered to help her sister out if she goes up to middle school. 

So in the fall I will take a big leap of faith and send her to the middle school group knowing she will have the wonderful church staff and a watchful big sister looking after her.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Healing My Body Little by Little

I am not going to post any new pictures of my skin just yet but I couldn't wait to share.  When I was getting ready for church this morning I just about cried.  I continue to see more and more improvement in my skin.  The lesions are getting smaller and lighter.  Some of them are completely gone!  The following is my very personal story of my fight to control my auto-immune skin disease.

Now I feel I need to clarify something at this point. None of the products I am using make the claim to cure or heal any diseases or illnesses.  That being said I am giving personal testimony that I have had significant improvement in my auto-immune disease since beginning to use Isagenix. 

Up to this point I have been vague about my skin disease, except to say that it is a skin disease called Psoriasis.  For those who don't know much about Psoriasis let me tell you a little more.  Many people may know Psoriasis as just a skin disease which creates lesions on your skin.  There are several different types of lesions from small pimple like bumps to large patches of scaly skin.  It causes painful itching and in some people arthritis of the joints affected. Psoriasis is NOT a skin irritation that can simply be cured by a topical treatment. Psoriasis is actually an auto-immune disease which affects the body's largest organ "the skin".

I have had Psoriasis since I was 10 years old but never equated it to an auto-immune disease. Maybe because as a child those terms where beyond my comprehension and as an adult I just followed along with the treatment set as a child and never did my own research.  When I was first diagnosed my body was 90% covered by these nasty lesions.  No one knew what it was.  My skin would crack and bleed.  My parents spent hours each day with regiments of ointments, oil baths, sun lamps, and making me into a mummy with saran wrap. My parents finally traveled with me to Nashville to see a specialist who diagnosed me with Psoriasis.  He had developed a skin ointment that had made improvement in the lesions with other patients. This was no cure but did ease the pain, itching, and even put me into remission for a short time. However it was a time consuming task, spending hours putting ointment on each and every lesion on my skin.  I used this ointment for years until one day it was no longer affective.  I have since tried several different types of drugs.  During a recent flare up I decided to start investigating alternative treatment and that is when the term "auto immune disease" really started to click with  me.  This is something that needs to be treated from the inside out, not just treatment of my external skin.

Auto-immune disease in simple terms -  Basically your body thinks something is wrong with a part of your body but there is really nothing wrong, in my case it is the skin.  So your body sends "help" to that part of the body.  Your body is trying to "repair" or "fix" something when there is nothing wrong.  In Psoriasis the body thinks there is something wrong with the skin so it sends a message to make more skin cells.  In a healthy body when you get a scrape or injury to the skin your body heals itself and produces more skin cells to replace the ones that were damaged. In Psoriasis since there is not anything actually wrong with the skin cells already there, it just piles up skin cells making lesions.  That is basically Psoriasis 101.  Auto-immune diseases are not curable but can be managed and at times go into remission for a period of time.

After taking in the term auto-immune disease I started to do research on more natural ways to manage my disease.  I read all about vitamins and eating natural foods.  The most recommended was eating a Gluten-free diet.  This seemed like a daunting task but I started a gluten-free diet. I also switched to using all natural products on my skin.  I was a week into the diet but really wasn't feeling any better.  I was a little frustrated and getting desperate for some relief.  I had been seeing a few friends talk about Isagenix on social media so I inquired.  Within 2 DAYS of beginning Isagenix products some other medical issues I had been dealing with completely RESOLVED!!  Two weeks after starting Isagenix I began to see improvement in my skin.   Now almost 3 weeks using the products and I am beginning to see signs of the lesions disappearing. I think of Isagenix this way.  Isagenix helps get nasty toxins out of our bodies and good nutrition back in our bodies, which then allows our bodies to do what God created them to do.

I could go on and on but I won't.  If you have additional questions about Psoriasis, auto-immune disease, or Isagenix please feel free to email me @ Thanks for letting me share with you!

This is a comparison picture I made last week.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Update on Getting Healthy

So yesterday was day 11 using Isagenix products.  They ask that you weigh and measure yourself on day 1, day 11, and day 30.  I could not believe it when I looked at my measurements.  I had lost 5 pounds but the most exciting part was the inches released.  I released 3 1/2 inches from my tummy!!  So excited!  Now my goal is to maintain good nutrition by consuming 1 Isagenix shake a day and cleansing one day a week.  Plus eating healthy foods and NO GLUTEN.   I will also be adding exercise and Isagenix vitamins. 

I am excited about the weight and inches lost but I got real excited when I went back and looked at a picture of my skin and compared. Also notice that the fat wrinkles are gone!

I used NO chemicals, NO medications!!  All I did was get the TOXINS out of my body and replenish my body with NUTRIENTS with Isagenix products. I also switched to all natural skin care products. I was blown away!!

Isagenix works!  Isagenix does not cure medical conditions but it does promote good nutrition in your body which helps your body to heal itself.  If you want more information check out my website.

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Adventure - Getting Healthy

I am so excited about my new adventure.  I am taking care of ME!!!  Yes I am still a full time mom.  Yes I still home school 10 kids.  Yes I am "on-call" 24 hours a day.  So you are probably wondering what has changed.

For the last six months I have just not been feeling well.  My psoriasis was out of control.  I was tired and scatterbrained.  I was having increased intestinal issues. Pretty much just did not feel myself. 

I did my research.  I kept reading that a gluten free diet may help with psoriasis outbreaks.  I was also looking for something to help with my overall health.  Something to help me get back my energy.  Oh and I was kinda hoping to loose about 10 pounds.  It sounds like was asking for a lot right?

Believe it or not I found ONE product line that would help with ALL my concerns!  A friend introduced me to Isagenix and the concept of cleansing.

The idea of cleaning the toxins out of my body and then filling my body with nutrition hooked me.  Honestly,  I was desperate! My skin was hurting so bad.  I was falling asleep on the couch at 8:30p.m.  I had zero energy in the mornings.  At that point I was up to trying anything.  So I purchased the 30 Cleanse & Fat Burning System.

I have been using Isagenix for 7 days now.   Here are my results so far -

* Intestinal issues are GONE!!  By the 2nd day using Isagenix I no longer had diarrhea.  For the last couple of years I had been having terrible diarrhea every morning when I woke up.   I have had regular bowel movements every day since. 

*My energy level is amazing!  I am up at 6:30 ready for the day.  I can stay up past 10:00 at night easily.  I have enough energy during the day to do just about anything.  In fact last night I played Just Dance with my girls for an hour straight.

*Mental clarity is BACK!!  By the 3-4 day using Isagenix I could tell the fogginess had been lifted.  For so many years I have relied on my brain for everything.  All my kids medical info., schedule, birthdays, phone number, etc.  Recently I had been having to write down just about everything because I was forgetting.  NOT ANY MORE!!  It's like a switched was turned on in my brain.

*Weight loss. YES!!  I have lost weight but I am keeping that under wraps for now.  I will update in a few more days my total weight loss so far.

*Can not forget my skin.  I am beginning to see some clearing of my Psoriasis.  The verdict is still out on that.  Although I had gotten rid of the toxin INSIDE my body I realized I was still putting toxins on the OUTSIDE of my body.  Getting ready to make changes in my skin care products too.

If you want more information about Isagenix send me an email ( or connect with me on Facebook. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All I Want for Christmas Is . . .

A Sprinter Paratransit Minibus!

Why, you ask do I want such a big expensive vehicle?  

1. There will be a day in the not so distant future that I will not be able to transfer Jacob in and out of our van. 

2.  I am not looking forward to loading and unloading his wheelchair onto the back of our van in the freezing cold snow this winter.  But I will keep doing it until I am in the grave if I have to because I love him that much!

3.  This vehicle will allow us to love 2-3 more children!!  We currently have a 12 passenger van and we have 12 people in our family.  I do a lot with the kids by myself and need to be able to transport them all in one vehicle.

My God is big and I find it a joy to serve him by loving his children, as many as I possibly can. Darren and I are confident that we were created for just a time as this to serve. It is such a blessing to see the miracles God provides for us.  A van such as this would most definitely be a miracle! God is good all the time!